Cosmetic Solutions

Tooth Whitening

We offer tooth whitening from £50 to enhance your smile. Quotes and a tailored treatment plan to suit your whitening requirements are offered at an initial consultation.


Before using ‘Opalescence’ tooth whitening system


After using ‘Opalescence’ tooth whitening system

Porcelain Veneers

We use EMax Veneers which offer both high strength and excellent aesthetics

Veneers are a thin layer of Porcelain custom made to fit over your natural tooth to alter the shape or shade of the tooth. We use veneers when we don’t want to destroy natural tooth tissue but need to improve the appearance of mainly front teeth. Some teeth require no preparation, some require more radical preparation to achieve the required result. We will fully inform you of any preparation before we start treatment.

Crown and Bridgework

We prefer to use All Porcelain Crown and Bridgework wherever possible for better aesthetic results. We use a wide variety of materials and we provide a full treatment plan and quote before you start treatment so you are fully aware of the costs and what we aim to achieve with our treatment.

Missing Central Incisor

Gap restored with Zirconia Bridge

(updated 12.2.16)