Our Services


A full range of NHS dental services are provided at all of our surgeries. These include routine examinations and x-rays, simple fillings, scale and polishes, extractions, root canal treatments, crowns and bridges.

We also offer a range of specialist  Private treatments including Sedation for nervous patients, Dental Implants, Smile Makeovers, Tooth Whitening. Details of these treatments are in the relevant sections of this website.


All our practice provide NHS dental treatment to our registered patients.




Private dental care is available at all of our practices, and complements the treatment options available on the NHS.

Treatment done privately has the benefits of;

* allowing more time to provide a quality experience for patients

* providing a greater choice for patients, including cosmetic treatment such as white fillings and crowns on back teeth

* achieving better cosmetic results with more natural looks

Private patients also benefit from;

* more flexible appointment times.

* a fast-track service with labwork, including crowns, bridges and dentures.

(updated 12.2.16)